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Green gemstone
Green Agate Stone
Labradorite Stone/blue

     Natural colored gemstones are Nature’s very own palette. Ranging in shades from sky to sea, these beautiful stones come in a wide variety of scintillating colors and shapes. From the stately iconic sapphire to the recent newcomer tanzanite, colored gemstones are a powerful statement of individual expression.

   Whatever the occasion, Zalman’s Treasures believes that YOU should be celebrated. Your jewelry communicates your style, your favorite colors, your love of beauty. Engagements might be diamonds, but birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions are the perfect occasions for colored gemstones.

   Traditionally, rubies and sapphires have been treasured by ancient cultures for their rarity and durability. Supernatural powers were attributed to gemstones and every month of the year is assigned a birthstone. Royal sovereigns hoarded precious gems in their treasuries and placed them in their crowns. Wealthy tycoons collected gemstones for their estates. A large, natural, untreated ruby or sapphire can cost many times more than a diamond!

  With today’s advances in mining gems and the advent of global distribution, the possibility of owning a genuine gemstone is within everyone’s budget. You don’t have to be a queen to wear the jewelry! The colored stone collection at Zalman’s Treasures is truly “eye candy”. Each case features a different colored gem placed into the most exquisite settings. From earrings to bracelets, from rings to necklaces and pendants, our colored stones will soothe, uplift and excite you with the possibilities. Colored stones call to individuality and the power of natural beauty. Come and explore the magic of Nature’s palette at Zalman’s Treasures.

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