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Repairs and Custom Designs


       Authentic craftsmen are difficult to find in this day and age. Fortunately, at Zalman’s Treasures, an experienced and talented benched jeweler is available to handle all of your jewelry repairs. Ring sizing, stone setting, prong repair, solders and professional polishing are part of his repertoire.

       Where Zalman’s Treasures really stands out from the crowd is in their custom design area. Brian, owner of Zalman’s Treasures, is a graduate engineer and a jewelry conneusiour. With his eye for design and color, he can create any piece the customer desires. His expertise is taking an old family heirloom and breathing new life into it. By changing the setting or replacing a cracked stone with an exquisite diamond, Brian can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary! Bring your favorite or sentimental old jewelry to Zalman’s Treasures and walk out with a showpiece!

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