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Silver Collection


    It is often quoted that every cloud has a silver lining. What better way to describe the gorgeous silver jewelry at Zalman’s Treasures!

    In the past, silver was associated with native craftsmanship. Bangles, chains and earrings were large and chunky art pieces and required frequent polishing to stay shiny and attractive. Then, in 2008, the dark cloud of the recession appeared. Gold prices soared sky high and gold jewelry became too expensive for the average consumer. Designers began to experiment with silver and a whole new fashion industry was born.

   What has changed is that silver is no longer big and chunky. Today’s jewelry designers from Tiffany to Pandora have developed distinct branded silver designs.  Delicate chains, dangly formal earrings, bejeweled bracelets and vintage style pendants all bear the official stamp of sterling silver, .925.   Although silver deposits are more plentiful than gold, silver is still considered a precious metal. Silver retains its value and is highly durable. When polished to a high sheen, items made from silver are truly breathtaking

   To the trained eye, the stamp .925 is an indication that the item is 92.5% pure silver. A small percentage of another metal, usually copper, nickel or zinc, is added to the molten silver to strengthen it and make it more durable. The stamp attests to the purity of the metal but it does not prevent the metal from tarnishing from exposure to air. This was always a factor that discouraged buyers from purchasing silver.

   However, with the boom in silver consumption came a solution to keeping the jewelry shiny and tarnish free forever. The individual pieces are dipped in rhodium, a type of platinum metal, and bonded with an electrical charge. Similarly, silver can be dipped to have a yellow or rose gold appearance. Voila, no more polishing silver!

   The other significant change in silver jewelry is the setting of many different types of stones. Traditionally, silver rings, brooches, earrings and belt buckles were often decorated with Native American designs and set with turquoise, shell or onyx found in the Southwest and Mexico. Now, designers choose from a variety of semi-precious gems and cubic zircon. The stones are cut and polished and set with prongs just like diamonds are set in gold. The result is a professional and elegant look that leaves others wondering if “it’s real”.

   The silver jewelry of today’s generation is not that of their grandmothers. The pieces are contemporary and fashionable at a price range everyone can afford. Whether for a special occasion or for “just because”, Zalman’s Treasures offers an extraordinary selection of sterling silver jewelry.  Be prepared to be swept away by the beauty of silver!

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